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what is style?

Joy + Freedom

"Fashion is about the composition of colors, trends, fabrics, fit and designers. Anyone can access fashion. Style is who you are, it's sometimes your armor when you walk into a room, and often the impression you leave when you're gone."

About Us

Welcome to Zoe + Lowe, we are a Fashion and Design Marketplace, Brand Lab and Collective. In our community you'll find designers, creatives, and niche brand enthusiasts. We shop, we build, we sell, and we follow the stories of established and growing brands that are powered by the purposes and passions behind the brands. 

Zoe + Lowe is inspired and guided by the unbridled confidence and joy of “Zoe”, the CEO’s daughter.  Every morning, she picks out her own look for the day, and wears it with confidence, not a hint of self-consciousness. She's happy each time she catches a glimpse of herself in a mirror or looks down and the colors she decided to put on. A reminder to find joy in every moment, whether walking through target, or into a gala, love what you wear! 

“Lowe” honors fashion icon, Ann Lowe, the first Black Designer to be nationally and internationally recognized for her craft as a couturier. Known as “Society’s best kept secret”, Lowe’s body of work and craft represent the timelessness of classic style and the power and freedom in Fashion.


Our clients enjoy smashing worlds together without fear of judgement or not being “on trend” all the time. They wear what they love,  what makes them feel good, and they do it with style, creativity, and poise. You can catch them on any day blending affordable with high-end brands, thrifted looks with designer accessories, or their favorite boutique with Vintage Couture pieces. Their style truly is a reflection of their authentic energy.