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Article: Tips to get your closet ready for the Spring!

Tips to get your closet ready for the Spring!

Tips to get your closet ready for the Spring!

If you are like me, social engagements are less frequent during colder months. I love to use this time to go through my closet, show my wardrobe some love and get ready for the Spring Flip, where I shift bulkier items, like sweaters and knits out and bring the lighter, brighter items out!

Here are a few tips to get your closet ready for Spring:

1. Plan it out! - It may take more than one day, so plan for time over two- three days that you can commit to doing this. You'll need reusable bags, a step stool if you have high shelves in your closet and music (we're loving Ari Lennox's new album right now)

2. Clear the clutter first, if you have clutter in or around your closet, tidy up a bit, so the that your canvas and area around you is a clean palette. You will most likely create piles to organize some of what will come out of your closet.

3. Dive in! As you go through each item in your closet, decide what you love, what you like and what is no longer amplifying your style, making you feel (fill in with your fav fashionable adjective...amazing, fly, beautiful).

Pull out the items that are no longer serving your wardrobe or style and create piles- one for donating- Good Will, Salvation Army, or a local shelter will take gently worn items. If you have younger siblings or cousins a mom who loves your style, they may want their own pile. If you have pieces that you wear once a year or less but want to keep, create a dry clean and store pile, you can remove these and store in another location.  If you have items that are damaged, stained, way too small or way too big, or are just not reflective of your style, let them go! Your closet should be a place that makes getting dressed easier and enjoyable, and not remind you or trigger anything negative.

Pull out winter centric items, you can wash or dry clean these in the next few weeks and store them in vacuum or air tight containers for the spring and summer season.

4. Take this opportunity to make organizational or aesthetic updates, such as uniform hangers- I love velvet hangers they are sleek in size and hold all types of fabrics without slipping, color coding or blocking,  style coding- shirts, skirts, pants, etc would all be hung together

Now you should have room to add some fun pieces for Spring and Summer! Join our mailing list to stay up to date on new product drops and our upcoming Spring shopping event.




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